My name is Anthony Tricarico and I have the good fortune of combining my love of teaching and learning with technology every day. I hold a Master’s degree as a Technology Specialist from Teachers College at Columbia University and serve as Director of Technology at Saint Saviour High School. Most recently i’ve started my own endeavor called futureTechEd (site designed by me), which aims at providing quality technology consulting and support for schools. Most of all I look forward to helping people everyday to harness and understand the power they have at their fingertips.

One day in the early 90’s my dad came home with a Micron computer purchased through a grant program with his job at the Brooklyn Union Gas Company. I was awe-struck. It had an i486DX processor with I think 256k RAM. AOL was one of the fastest growing companies on earth and the law firm I worked at did not yet have it’s first PC. It was not long before I was taking it apart and exploring the intricacies of the system. Today I enjoy working with students to uncover the magic that is the computer. 


2016 Senior Tech built new computers for our lab

Quick Facts about me:

  • Born: Brooklyn, NY
  • Currently live in: Manhattan
  • Favorite food: Vegan
  • Current pets: 2 cats Peanut Butter and Jolly
  • Interests: Teaching, Education, Music, Technology, Programming, DIY computer builds, Chess, Yoga, Gaming, Politics, Animal Welfare, Traveling, Playing Guitar, Bass Guitar, Classical Piano, Cooking, Reading, Hockey

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